Find Your Voice;
Create an Attention Grabbing Brand that Spreads by Word of Mouth

The Woo Studio Academy will teach you how best to create and build your Brand and your story and how to successfully spread your message on Social Media networks.

Further your Skills and Increase your Influence

– Learn how to: –


Tell your story in a way that inspires your audience to share it with friends.

The best INFLUENCERS are passionate, relatable and true to themselves.

Differentiate yourself in your field and stand out from the crowd.

The best INFLUENCERS have developed a style that often inspires, educates and entertains whilst they tell stories.

Cultivate reciprocal relationships and grow your social tribe.

The best INFLUENCERS build reciprocal relations – collaborating and exchanging ideas.

Who is the Woo Studio Academy for?


Reach a larger audience by building your personal Brand, – Grow your customer base by using Social Media and engaging Video content to differentiate your Brand from your competitors.


Change is brought about by people raising their voices. The effective use of Social Media is a great vehicle to grow awareness and raise a movement.


Showcase to the World your skills and expertise and build a distinctive personal Brand by creating and sharing AND MONETIZING  great content.


Share your creative works to a larger audience by developing your online communication skills. Let the World discover you.

Influencer Video Tool Kit

To empower you to produce fabulous INFLUENCE content, the Woo Studio Academy Video Tool Kit takes you step by step into the world of video creation: From creating professional-looking videos on your smart phone to working with the best high end video cameras – with Go-Pro included along the way.


Discover auto and manual camera and smart phone settings – how to control focus and exposure  – and how to produce fabulous quality video without using the most expensive equipment.


Learn how to use light from natural environments to the Pro-Lighting Woo Studio, and discover how to create an inexpensive Studio in your own workspace.


Sound is often the Cinderella of Video and yet good quality sound is essential for audience enjoyment. Learn the best microphones to use, and how to capture sound in interviews and when on the go.


Woo Studio has professional editing software, nevertheless, with many online editing tools available it is possible for you to produce a great video without years of intensive study.


Techniques, such as the rule of thirds and the six-shot pattern, will enable you to dramatically improve the impact and engagement of your videos. We’ll give you all the knowledge you’ll need to ensure your videos look professional.


From Selfie Sticks to Go-Pro drones- We will guide you through all you need use to produce even better content.

Passion, laptop and a smartphone

We will show you how to create and promote engaging content by using the tools you’ll already have available.

Let Us Show You
The Blueprints To Social Media

A large Social Media following does not happen by accident,
the techniques we will share with you to build a large and engaged audience
have been gained by working with the best in the World.

Influence requires followers and
Social Media is the most powerful marketing engagement tool available today.

Your Personal Brand

How to turn your
Passion, Strengths and Talents
into a Brand

Your Audience

How to define your
Brand Tribe
and engage them online

Visual Identity

How to create your
Brand Identity
across Social Networks

Brand Storytelling

How to tell your
Brand Story
in a seven-step plan

Instagram Storytelling

How to tell your
Brand Story
with photographs, captions and hashtags

Facebook Storytelling

How to build and
Engage your Audience
with images, video and Ads

Shoppable Video

Gain access to our
Shoppable Video Platform
and Monetize your Video

Find Your Voice, and Let the World Discover You

Create and build your Social Media Influence.


The first step is the most important;
Start Now.

The Woo Studio Academy will guide you through your journey to INFLUENCE, our courses are designed to help you develop and monetize your Brand story as you build your Social Media audience.