Our passion is Video, Video content in all its forms, whether its  making a simple how-to video or helping a Influencer create engaging content or a brand produce a product review, we are involved and excited by not just the process but the application.

There has never been a better time to be involved in content creation, and as social media platforms continue to preliterate and  technology continues apace Video is playing an perpetually larger role in Entertaining, Educating Convincing and Inspiring and ever wider audience.


Having Fun…. Creativity is an end in itself

Product Reviews

We work with numerous Brands and our sister companies Woo club and Woo Market to write, film and produce product review videos. A selection of our product review videos are shown below. The people in the videos are all part of the Woo Studio team and all the pre and post production is done in-house.

It should be noted that these videos are produced to time and within budget, and whilst we we work closely with brands the content concepts and words are not supplied by the brands or the retailers.

Academy Daily Videos

We believe that an important way to improve the skills of our Academy members is for them to create videos every day, and for those videos to be exposed to criticism by their peers and our trainers.

The criticism, (hopefully constructive) helps the Academy member to develop and work on refining their presentation abilities and onscreen presence. Further the videos are an essential indicator tool for our trainers to assess the progress of the individual members and to help direct further training and instruction.

These videos are recorded on mobile phones without the benefit of post-production editing and are created entirely by the members themselves.